What We Do

Our company is master in providing Textile Maintenance Service to the clients. We offer multiple services to fit your technology needs

Problems related to CBR can be resolved

Problems related to Cold Pad Batch can be resolved

Problems related to Pad steam can be resolved

Online support for PLC related issue

Programming of continuous machines

Project start up Consultancy

Provide end-to-end support in planning, executing, and managing textile industry projects, ensuring efficient use of resources, compliance with industry standards, and achievement of business goals.

Project Management

Our Project Start-Up Consultancy provides expert guidance and support to ensure the successful launch of your textile industry project, from initial planning to full operational readiness.

Textile processing Technical Services

Our Textile Processing Technical Services offer specialized expertise to enhance the efficiency, quality, and innovation in textile processing.

Set up of Textile Cluster / Park

Our services for setting up a Textile Cluster or Park are designed to create a thriving hub for textile manufacturing and innovation, fostering collaboration and growth in the industry.