This is very useful & important machine for bleaching & scouring of cellulose fiber and its bled. 50,000 meters fabric can be bleached with one machine per day. The utility consumption well be also lesser as compared to discontinuous process.


This also very important machine for mercerization of cotton fabrics and its blend. After mercerization, lusture, absorbency and dimensional stability improves including stenght.

Cold Pad Batch

This is very small and important machine for reactive dyeing of cellulose and its blend. The capital cost of this machine is very low.

Washing Range

This machine is used to wash the fabric post CPB dyeing of printing. The utility consumption is lesser when compared to exhaust process.

Pad Steam

This machine is used for many applications. This machine is used to develop the colours after pad dry whether it is Vat or Reactive. This machine is also used for pad steam of reactive colours for dyeing up to certain colour strength. This machine is also used for over dyeing of denim fabrics with sulphur colors.

Singeing Machine

This machine is used to singe the hairy fibers from the surface of woven fabrics to get better appearance.


Supply durable and reliable spare parts to minimize downtime and maintain operational efficiency in textile machinery.


CBR, CPSR, CMR, Washer & singeing machines can be modified as per requirement

Panel upgradation or new panel with complete programming